We've always had a shared interest in food - forever food lovers and keen cooks, our fast-growing food obsession has turned what started as a weekend hobby, in to hours spent perusing food blogs; attentive following of food-related instagram accounts; increasingly complex weekday meals; carefully considered food plating and photography; and of course - many a Saturday morning dedicated to making careful selections at local butchers and food establishments!

We've created fire & thyme as a place for us to collaborate, to develop recipes, and share our food journey with other passionate foodies.  

Proud parents to Nico (4) and Mila (16 months), our shared hobby is squeezed in around our somewhat hectic family life - our dream Saturday consist of a fun outing with the kids, a few hours experimenting at the grill or in the kitchen, a delicious meal shared with family and friends, all washed down with a crisp glass of NZ wine to toast the day! 



The 'fire' part of our name definitely reflects my cooking style - I've always been a keen weekend barbecuer, but a good dose of sibling envy caused by my brother picking up a Weber Kettle, as well as a timely discovery of “Master Grillographer” Mike Lang and his Instagram profile (@anotherpintplease), resulted in the purchase of my first Weber kettle. This was followed by a tumble down the rabbit hole that is amazingribs.com, leaving me keen to learn everything I could about quality barbecue. 

By day, I’m a General Manager for an electronic manufacturing company; with my nights mostly reserved for a tasty mix of grilling and photography, washed down with a home-brewed IPA.

My grill and camera have been given a real workout over the last few years as I’ve worked my way through countless cooks (documenting many of them on Instagram), moving from trying out recipes from my bbq idols, to creating my own tastes, recipes and techniques. 






Whilst Jamie is the chief griller and photographer, it's fair to say I often run the show behind the scenes! The 'thyme' half of our name is a bit of a play on words reflecting the length of time some of our cooks take, but also a little nod to my own food personality. 

My passion lies in the crafting, tweaking and tasting of different dishes in a never-ending quest to adapt and improve our favourite meals - those from our own kitchen as well as standouts enjoyed in restaurants.

Our developing passion for good food has meant my prolific cookbook collection is now being put to good use - for both recipe and photographic inspiration! In saying that, my food goal this year is all about recipe development. I'm enjoying taking the time to look at what we've got on hand in the kitchen, and then craft a from-scratch recipe - also minimising food waste!

When I am not cooking or eating, I am busy wrangling our two beautiful children; or writing and strategising for a client on a communications or marketing project.