What are you cooking on?
We (well... more specifically, Jamie) are generally looking for any chance to cook over charcoal, so the majority of our 'hero' and weekend meals are cooked on the Weber Kettle and Weber Smokey Mountain. Due to time and weather constraints, our weeknight family meals are often cooked indoors, and many of our rubs, sides, dressings and desserts are crafted (generally by Theresa) in the kitchen. 


Can I use your photos?
That depends on your intended use. If you appreciate my photography enough, then by all means feel free to use it for non-commercial activities, as long as you are providing full credit back to us. If you are wanting to use an image in a commercial space, then we would appreciate that we have a discussion about this first.


Can I purchase one of your photos, or have you undertake some photography for our own use?
Absolutely - we are very keen to work along side businesses to provide images and even create product specific recipes! To date we've worked with a range of companies (both big and small) to help showcase their products visually; plus for some, provided written content and marketing advice.


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